Holiday Break Abroad, Germany | Travel Diaries

Holiday Break Abroad, Germany | Travel Diaries

Frohe Weihnachten! - Merry Christmas!

Obviously really late, since its (hopefully) almost Spring! I decided my first actual post to be an outline of my recent trip to Germany for one month. I spent the major holidays there for Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Years Eve.

I hope you all enjoy, and your interest to travel abroad is touched!

Packing can be fun when you have a companion! I recommend creating several different outfits, and only bringing simple pieces that can be paired all sorts of ways. You want to leave extra space in that suitcase for souvenirs and shopping! 

And I'm off! I would just like to point out that I was riding as a standby passenger and lucked out both there AND back and received first class both times! It was incredible, I felt like a princess. I guess karma was coming back around! Either way, I'm grateful for that experience :) 

Welcome to Munich! The capital of the German state of Bavaria. One of my absolute favorite places on Earth. This picture doesn't do the city justice. It was my second time there and I wanted to use only pictures from my winter trip. This is a view from a church tower, looking down on Marienplatz, the main city square. The sun was shining and if you look really hard the Alps are visible in the background! 

Times to get festive! First thing upon arrival was to set up the Christmas tree in my boyfriends tiny dorm. Our precious tree was a little over 1ft tall and our tiny stockings were all we could fit. Looks cute I think! 

First night out on the town, we are heading to the Christmas Market!

If you are obsessed with Christmas like I am, a Christmas Market is basically heaven. Picture a giant glowing flea market that is 100% Christmas themed. Booths with candy, seasonal food, ornaments, gifts, the occasional Santa Clause walking around, hot chocolate, and gingerbread! AMAZING.

Sweet tooth fix, for sure!

In addition to the Munich Christmas Market, we also took a trip to the huge Christmas Market in Nuremberg, one of the most famous ones in all of Europe!

The Nuremberg Castle was absolutely beautiful at night! It was so cold out! We had to stop for a hot tea because our hands and faces were going numb. 

Speaking of a hot beverage, I almost forgot to mention Glühwein! It is a hot spiced wine, commonly found throughout Europe and a Christmas time MUST HAVE! So yummy! 

They also give you this cute little Christmas mug! Perfect hot drink for a cold night.

Since we were traveling so much, public transportation is the way to go! In Europe, you can travel by train, bus, subway, tram, they have it all! Its also relatively cheap, and can be a unique and fun experience for automobile dependent Americans. It was one of my favorite things to do, actually. 

The train! Such a neat experience and I loved getting the window seat and watching the beautiful German countryside pass by. I was a bit obsessed with the train I have to admit. Felt like I was always in route to Hogwarts!

Reading material (as well as coffee & snacks) is a must on the ride! Here I am reading

The Second Duchess

 by Elizabeth Loupas. If you love period/historical reads its so good! The suspense had me turning every page like mad! As you can see I am deep in the moment in this picture.

Up next, we journeyed to my boyfriends hometown of Bayreuth! We were welcomed with open arms by some of the most kind people I've ever met, his parents. I love this town! The next morning after our arrival we treated ourselves to a GIANT breakfast (our favorite meal) The before and after picture will explain our gluttony.... hehe. 

Speaking of breakfast. Allow me to present our java escapades. In my opinion, coffee is much better in Europe. The quality, the availability, and the amount of cafes that aren't your stereotypical Starbucks is unreal! It is relativity cheap as well. We found ourselves in a different cafe almost every day it seems. Enjoy a bit of food porn. 

Don't forget about the TEA! 

Moving on. Christmas day was an unusually warm one in Germany. It was gloomy and we decided to drive to a town nearby called Kulmbach. In the town was a giant castle on the hill called Plassenburg Castle which was essentially deserted because it was Christmas Day. We decided to hike up and take a look. 

Practicing sloppy ballet on the castle wall.....

Then I just gave up.... gave up my ballerina dreams.

Finally, just a lovey dovey picture of me and the German. Sorry about the PDA! And my ratchet hair... 

A short drive from Bayreuth was the town of Regensburg. It was a medieval preserved village with an incredible cathedral. We spend the day exploring with Philipps parents and grabbing lunch. It was raining and cold but that didn't stop us from having an incredible time! 

Me and the love on the bridge.

Christmas tree still up :)

The picture doesn't do it justice, but the vaulted ceiling was breathtaking. It was colder inside the church than outside because it was entirely made of stone. Such a neat experience.

Guess what was next? New Years weekend in Vienna, Austria! I forgot my camera on this one, so here are some iphone uploads. Vienna was beautiful. We spent an entire day exploring the city and there was so much to see. I was in love, of course!

Double fisting the coffee, long day of exploring!

Beautiful architecture. 

Just chillin in the square, 

I spent my New Years Eve amongst new friends and with the love of my life! It was incredible. As we were on the balcony of the apartment complex where we were celebrating, at exactly midnight the entire city was shooting off fireworks. The sky was lighting up and there was so much excitement in the air! I got my midnight kiss of course, then moments later dropped my iphone and shattered it LOL. It was one of the most incredible moments of my life and I won't ever forget it. After, we hit the bars via subway.

My beautiful new friends Laura & Klaudia! They were so sweet and we were obviously best friends that night. So much fun! 

We did survive NYE. The next day many pots of coffee were brewed in the apartment. Shew.

We are alive! Just barely.

Next stop was one of my absolute favorite parts of the trip. In my last week abroad we took an unplanned train ride to the city of Burghausen. Turns out, this city is the home of the longest castle  in Europe! We had a great photoshoot that day. Again, it was deserted and we basically had the place to ourselves. We packed a picnic (juice box & sandwich lol) and enjoyed it within the castle walls. Such a great place to be wrapping up my visit. 

Castle exploration tip: Climb walls you're not supposed to. You'll get the best view :)



Beautiful, am I right?

As my trip nears an end I guess I will show a bit of random photos here and there. If I uploaded all of the incredible pictures taken I would win an award for the longest (and probably most boring) blog post ever. Enjoy what I like to call..... shenanigans! 

Unusual mirror pics, thanks subway system!

Followed by your class outfit of the day selfie....

The best carbonated drink EVER! I need to know where I can find it. 

I am rich! Not, I spent that shopping.

My dream house. Seriously, I will save this picture for the rest of my life so I can somehow make my house like this. Beautiful!

Having so much fun with my earmuffs on the train! Entertainment for days.

And finally I will leave you with my beautiful model pose perched amongst a castle wall.

I hope you all enjoyed this overview of my trip to Germany over winterbreak. I appreciate you taking the time to look through and get a glimpse of what I have experienced. If you have ever wanted to head abroad don't let anything stop you! I spent all my teenage years and most of college penny pinching, thrifting my clothes (which I still always do), making sacrifices and saving my money because I knew that one day when I was ready I was going to take off! That time is now and I look forward to sharing more experiences with you in the future. 

With all my love,


P.S. Two weeks until Italy! Expect amazing pictures and daily blogs about this epic spring break!