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Siena - Italy


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After spending the weekend in Rome, I took an early bus ride through Italy to the beautiful town of Siena. I only had a few hours there, but I fell in love. Siena was my favorite part of the trip. I felt at home. It was one of the most beautiful days that week, and we had an absolute blast exploring the city. Siena is very old, built into a hill, with winding cobblestone streets and elevated terraces. The huge square in the middle of the town was my favorite place. Everyone casually relaxed and conversed amongst friends.

Siena. Beautiful.

A little dark but this was our first view of the actual city after climbing a gigantic hill to get to the top. I'm debating on weather or not I should tell my story about the tourist group full of Russians that almost killed everyone on our bus ride up, but I will save that for its own blogpost for laughs.

If you are a huge Lord of the Rings fan like myself, you would fully know what I am taking about when I say that we found an elevated church, built into the city that resembled Minas Tirith. Commence nerd freak out. It was a massive and beautiful church made of what looked like to be Marble. Here I am atop the steps thats lead to the top where you could see the front. It was so high up and just epic and magnificient. Took my breath away. You could pay to go inside and see the decorations, but the outside was enough beauty for me. 

There she is! This is me in front of the church. (Literally) shadowed by its beauty. 

Speaking of churches. After climbing up and up for a bit in Siena we came across this view. Just behind me is the Basilica of San Domencio. What is famous about this church is that there is a Chapel of St. Catharine of Siena inside of it where her actual physical skull is on display. St. Catherine is a very famous saint that was born in Siena. We even walked past her house. The inside of that church was massive. Even though practically every church I've seen in Europe has been exceptionally large and breathtaking I still get cold chills every time I enter these massive Cathedrals. 

Another view of the Basilica as we got closer. Also in this picture you get a good look at how clear and beautiful the sky was that day. 

This was at the highest point of Siena that me and my friend Shane managed to walk up to. To get this picture I had to climb a small brick wall and stand on top of the iron fence on it to snap the photo. On the way down I banged my arm against it and the iron ended up stabbing me. Small price to pay for a phenomenal picture of Siena rooftops! If you want the best photos on your trip you have to think outside the box. Europeans tend to be more laid back about people on your property. Unlike the unfortunate United States you don't have to worry about some hillbilly coming out with a shot gun yelling at you to get lost. 

Just walking along the street and came across this old church. I'm not sure if it is in use anymore but the painting on the front must be original given its heavy detoriation. I thought it would make a neat photo. 

Apologies for the construction but many of the streets in Siena looked like this as we walked. Tight and condenced. Old buildings and beautiful arcitecture. As I said before, I was in love. 

My favorite part of Siena and favorite moment of the trip.

Piazza Del Compo. 

I know its cheesey and silly but I just wanted to remember that beautiful weather and relaxing in the square. You could sit right down on the ground and sunbathe so thats exactly what we did. 

Me outside in the square IN A TANK TOP! I can't remember the last time I was able to go sleeveless outdoors. What a perfect and beautiful day.

If you ever find yourself in Italy, Siena is a MUST. It is tourist friendly, yet not overrun by tourists. Its an undisturbed town where you can casually walk around and people watch all of the Italians. I found myself outside of the school building when school let out, inside a crowded grocery store checking out all sorts of delicious sweets, socializing in the square where a large group of students sang happy birthday to a friend, climbing up cobblestone streets to amazing views, and having the time of my life. I wish I had more than a few hours in Siena and when I make it back to Italy I will make it a point to stay in Siena for a few days. So beautiful, peaceful, and interesting. I didn't even have that many pictures because I was too distracted by everything I saw. Take me back please!

Sorry it has been so long since I have blogged. Its been a very busy month and I am grateful for that.

Stay tuned for Italy part 3! 


With all my love,