The Art Of Thrifting: Haul

The Art Of Thrifting: Haul

Hello Everyone!

I am an absolute huge supporter of thrift shopping. I go almost every week, I hardly spend any money, and my items always have a unique story to tell. Of course, brand new clothes and designer brands are a luxury that everyone loves (even me!) But, there are so many things that you can get at a thrift store for cheap that work with all sorts of outfits, and look great too! I personally am a fan of finding unique shoes, as well as house ware items. For the winter, an oversized grandma sweater is easy to find amongst the donated clothes. Don't feel ashamed or embarrassed and definitely do not think you are too good to thrift! Almost every single day an item that I am wearing is from a thrift store, hardly anyone notices, and when they do, I proudly announce where its from! I thrift books, shoes, bags, and I make cut off shorts from vintage jeans. Honestly, I know a lot of people think they never can find anything in thrift stores, but you have to use your imagination. Sure, what you find may be a little quirky or outdated, but with the right confidence and attitude as well as awesome thrift hunting skills, you will look fabulous and you won't break the bank doing it.

Today I visited a HUGE St. Vincent DePaul in Western Hills. Walking in was like Christmas, it was massive. In fact, I have to go back because I didn't even get a chance to look through the clothes.

Here are some of the things I purchased, my total was under $20! I will post again when I get some clothes for the summer. For now, here are just a few items.

These awesome shoes. They are strappy leather sandals that are slightly worn in perfectly and in excellent condition. So cute on! Also, they are from target. I recognized the brand and I believe I have a friend with the same pair. Only $3.

This teapot! I collect vintage teapots. I probably have around 11 I believe. This isn't vintage though, its from IKEA and says made in Sweden on the bottom. However, I don't have a simplistic white one like this. And I plan on actually using this one since it isn't vintage and old. I can't wait! Ah, teapots are my weakness. Teapots and China. My room overflows with trinkets of the like.

This adorable little knit purse/bag. It's cross body and it fairly decent condition. Just one pouch, nothing fancy. I am a sucker for old granny floral print and I just thought it would be simple and easy for the summer on the go. Also, it was only $1.50 I mean really, I spend more money on coffee than that. 

Another pair of sandels/shoes. I am aware that these look super geezer grandma in this picture but I swear I can make them work. Much cuter on. Also, I'm almost positive they are real leather. Really well made and in excellent condition. Also, they were $3, a STEAL! 

This mug. Seems random but it does have meaning. On my recent trip to Rome I got deathly ill and was on my way to see The Vatican and St. Peter's when I sort of keeled over in the museum and had to go back to the hotel with a 103 degree fever. I came all the way to Rome and was too sick to see St. Petersburg square and the Vatican :'(. This mug, which probably isn't even from Rome, is nice reminder that I sort of have been there, just didn't make it to the gift shop to get a mug like this of my own haha!

This simple white leather crossbody bag. The inside has several compartments and a built in wallet. Its perfect for the summer! I don't have a bag in this color. Also, it was 50% off so it was only $2 I belive. Simple and chic! 

Thats all that I've purchased today. Mainly accessories. I also got another coffee mug but I already used it and its in the dishwasher as I type this :) I'm going to blog again about the clothes I get on my next trip and how to style them!