Brandy Melville - First Impression

Brandy Melville - First Impression

I know, I know. Im a wee bit late on the Brandy Melville "trend". I blame it on the fact that I am located on the other side of the country from LA and nowhere near a store. However, I decided after much deliberation that I would order from their website. I follow them on instagram and have seen tons of beauty gurus feature them on their youtube channels. I love the style, and I love the simplicity of it. Also, the clothing isn't near as pricy as I thought that it would be! I'd rank their prices just above H&M. Here are some things that I ordered. I didn't model any of them, although I probably should have. I think I will be featuring some in an outfit of the day soon! Here are my thoughts and I hope you find it helpeful. So, is Brandy Melville worth the hype?

Stressed Depressed But Well Dressed cropped top!

I love this top! Scary accurate (sort of hehe!) and damn cute. The material is really thin and lightweight, so a nude bra is a must. It wasn't bad either price wise, only $18. The shirt is a one size fits all, but it seemed to do alright with me. Its cropped but not too short. Looks really cute with high waisted shorts/skirts. I don't recommend ironing the shirt though, something tells me that the heat would cause the letters to smudge.....

Heather Skirt

Although I have had it for a few short hours I can already say that this is one of my favorite skirts I have ever owned. I have been searching for a perfect black flowey skirt for so long now and I'm so happy that Brandy Melville happened to have the perfect one. Its extremely well made, double lined with a "one size fits all" elastic waist band meaning lots of stretch if needed and very comfortable. Its flowey and cute and not too short. Its high waisted and so versitile. Definitely one of my favorite pieces that I purchased from the site. 

Bettina Hoodie

This hoodie is SO COMFORTABLE! Its stretchy, flowy, light weight and perfect for the summer. Its oversized and very cute. I love how soft it is and its well made. Simple and plain but I love casual items of clothing like this. Perfect for lounging around the house in or pairing with a pair of skinnies to run errands. I love this pullover!

I Love You To The Moon And Back tank

This simple cut off tank is lightweight and comfortable. I realize that it seems silly to purchase cut offs, and I really think I could do a DIY and make a shirt exactly like this, however, I love the top nonetheless. I also really love the quote. I have a childrens book titled "I love you to the moon and back" so this tank serves as a slight form of nostalgia for me.

Jacqueline Tank

This is a crop and it is so cute. I am in love. Its lightweight, and fits perfectly. Surprising since it is yet again another one size fits all. The floral print is simple and vintage based and I really love the way it looks with high waisted jeans/shorts/skirts. Love it!

Thats all that I purchased.... for now. Not much I realize but hey, I wasn't about to blow a ton of money on clothes that I didn't know if I would like it not. I have to say that my overall opinion of Brandy Melville is that it is worth the hype. The close are cute simple peieces that can be paired all sorts of ways, and the prices aren't outrageous. I only wish they had more store locations! From my understanding and research, the website doesn't have all of the clothing that is available in stores. Also, a lot of things were out of stock! Probably because it is so popular. The quality is good, the prices are decent, and the style is great. I will most definitely will be purchasing more in the future!