Tea Time - June

Tea Time - June

“Surely a pretty woman never looks prettier than when making tea.”  - Mary Elizabeth Braddon

I haven't done one of these in a while. Since I've been obsessing over this tea, I thought I would share! Just a quick blog post :-).

This Months Choice :

Vanilla Tranquility Ahmad Tea

This tea is delicious! It is a black tea, meaning it does have some caffeine in it. I recommend it for breakfast or a mid day pick me up. It is a high end traditional black tea with a hint of vanilla flavor. The vanilla doesn't over power the tea and it is a really great combination.

Ahmad Tea's are a really quality brand from England. They do have a company based in Texas here in the USA so the pricing isn't ridiculous because of exportation. I got mine from Jungle Jim's an international grocery store, but you can purchase it online from amazon 



Again, if you haven't become an avid tea drinker yet, begin! Its good for you, relaxing, and the variety is endless.

Hope you all found this post helpful or interesting for you!