My First Few Days In Germany

My First Few Days In Germany


I haven't been able to post much on social media because I am currently without wifi or a working cell phone. Its actually kind of nice to not be so wrapped up in the internet. However, keeping in contact with my family and friends has been difficult. I should be getting wifi within this week and soon following a german phone.

I've been in Munich for about 5 days now and I am STILL jetlegged! Unfortunately, I do not have a coffee brewer in my apartment yet. Nor do I have a water boiler for tea. I have been making due with some instant coffee packets I brought from home, and boiling water on the stove, haha!

My first day in Munich was everything I expected it to be; Wonderful. I arrived early afternoon around 1pm. Due to the time difference and my three connecting flights, I hadn't slept in over 24 hours. Arriving at the Munich airport for the third time in the past year and a half made it so familiar to me. I already felt like I was arriving at another "home". My boyfriend picked me up and we headed over to check out my apartment that I am leasing from a friend who is spending the semester in Spain. Immediately I attempted to make it comfortable by adding a touch of color to the bed via floral print sheets. We got pizza, I think. Honestly, the first day is blur. Except for that night, which was the fun part anyway :)

In the basement of my dorm room there is a bar. Yes, you read that correct. There is a bar in the basement. Oktoberfest in Munich started on Saturday so the night before, the bar in my basement threw a giant party to kick off oktoberfest. I kid you not, everyone was dressed in Lederhosen and Dirndl outfits. The bar also had drink specials where those GIANT beer steins you see at tradition german restaurants were being sold for 2.60 euros. Needless to say, everyone had a great time. I met so many new people in my building, and despite the language barrier, kept conversations going all night long. It was so much fun!

A genuine German dressed in a genuine


Before the Par-TAY!

The next day, I slept until 2pm. But that is like 8am where I am from... so I attempted to justify my laziness with that fact. Saturday was a very relaxed day of grocery shopping (one of my favorite things to do :)) I also picked up some necessities for my apartment that I won't go into detail about because they are boring (aka a toilet bowl cleaner!) Starving in the middle of the day, we treated ourselves to a

Döner which I have missed dearly. A 

Döner is hard to explain. It is a form of german fast food, and its amazing. Actually, its not German, its Turkish. But either way it is sort of like a gyro/burger/pitabread combination that is full of flavor and is just awesome when you're starving. The fact that most restaurants close relatively early and there are no 24 hour stores or fast food places in Germany, means the 

Döner is a popular form of drunk eats! Its the only place still selling food late at night!

 To compliment the food, I picked up a coke. 

They have bottles with names on them here. However, there isn't a chance in the world I would find one withe the name of summer on it, so I picked up the next best thing; Prinzessin aka Princess. 

The day ended with proofreading my boyfriends masters thesis and a good ol movie night.

Sunday was yet another not so eventful day. Still setting up the apartment and lots of relaxing. It was the day of the German elections, so I went with Philipp to vote.

Did have some fun on the subway though......

Monday it was time to get down to business! The first thing I needed to do was visit the bank to make sure that my German bank account opened correctly and that the money I transferred from the USA made it into the account. All good news there. Wee! Next, I had to get myself some health insurance. It is mandatory for students to have health insurance in Germany. That was another surprisingly quick and painless ordeal that ended with good news. I'm insured! We explored my campus a bit, got me a meal card, had a cappuccino in one of the many cafes, and then checked out a phone company to see what my options were for acquiring a phone in Germany.

Walking to my school.

Part of the beautiful LMU campus!

 Stopping by a cafe for lunch and a tea, we headed back home to work more on Philipps paper. I'm seriously having trouble remembering my days here already!

Tuesday was the most exciting day, for me at least. At the crack of down I headed to school to enroll and register at the international office. It was crazy crowded, unorganized and stressful. Eventually my name was called, my documents reviewed, and voila, I was a student! I got my student card that gives me discounted train rides and other things. It feels great to finally be enrolled. Now I just have to worry about registering correctly for my classes.

Stopping by a cafe to have lunch, we realized that the whole long and tedious process of the morning had us exhausted.

Walked instead of taking the subway because it was so nice out.

Stopped inside the church on my campus, I've never seen it and wanted to see the beautiful inside!

Oh, modern art. :)

 I headed back to my apartment to nap (as usual) and spent some time catching up with friends and family. The night ended with us finally correcting all 88 pages of Philipps giant masters thesis. YAY. Last night there was a football(american; soccer) game so the subway was crazy crowded with drunk and yelling fans. It was an interesting experience and despite how it can sometimes be a huge pain in the ass, I am really loving public transportation.

Its Wednesday now and I've been relaxing all day in the apartment and of course, blogging.

Soon I'm going to meet my  boyfriend for a coffee, and head into the heart of town to act like a tourist for a few hours. I can't wait to take pictures and vlog the beautiful old town of Munich.