Spring Pastels | Nail Polish Guide

Spring Pastels | Nail Polish Guide

If there is one thing I love about spring, its the pastel colors that come with it! Soft, girly pastels bring back memories of picking out my Easter dress as a child.

I was never very good at doing my own nails, but after much practice and patience I've finally semi-mastered the art of painting them. I still get manicures every now and then for non polish related maintence, but buying my own nail polish is something I can't resist! So many brands have their spring collections out in stores right now, so its perfect to start stocking up on your collection! I've picked out my favorite pastels in a variety of colors.

From left to right:

Essie - Good Morning Hope :

Essie pinks tend to be opague, causing you to have to layer the nail polish in several coats. I find that this color is a perfect pale pink, but is also pigmented enough to only have to paint two coats!

Essie - Like Linen :

This is a very opague, pretty, natural nude colored polish. Perfect for every day wear just to have some maintence done on your natural nails.

Revlon Parfumerie - Tropical Rain :

A very pigmented, pretty, sky blue color. Also, this nail polish has a sent! I don't suggest sniffing the bottle, but after it dries, you can definitly tell that it has a tropical rain scent. Must be why its called a "parfumerie". Pretty cool!

Revlon Parfumerie - Apricot Nectar :

The perfect peach tone! Again, a scented polish, so neat!

Essie - Mint Candy Apple :

A classic staple in many youtubers and bloggers nail collections. This is a beautiful mint color that is always on trend for spring. One of my favorites.

Essie - Boxer Shorts :

This is a very pretty lilac/lavender/blue color. Its a unique shade and the pastel tone really makes it wearable for the spring. This color also looks very good on pale skin. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post and found it helpful :)

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