Visions of the New Year

Visions of the New Year
Happy New Year and welcome to 2015! Today I am going to be sharing my visions for this year. I don't exactly have resolutions that I want to accomplish, I see these things more of areas of my life that I want to improve upon, and new ideas and elements to explore. 

  • Document the near and far adventures in my travel journal - For me, travel and adventure doesn't always necessarily mean a plane ticket to a far off land. I want to become better about documenting my local experiences, and adventures with my friends and family. Visiting a new city, exploring a new park, taking a weekend getaway; I want to make it as equally important as my global travels. 

  • Becoming a better cook  & dabble in vegetarianism - I haven't always been the best cook. I don't make store bought pre-made meals, but the food I do cook is usually pretty basic and bland. I recently thrifted an excellent vegetarian cookbook that has several recipes that I am excited to try out. Why vegetarian? No reason really, other than the fact that I adore vegetables and am not very good at preparing meat, nor am I the biggest fan of it.

  • Improve my yoga practice - I've done yoga for several years, and being a cheerleader and a dancer has given me the flexibility and balance to easily get through classes. I want to start up doing yoga several times a week and master more difficult poses. 

  • Learn gardening from my mother - My mother has an excellent vegetable garden filled with several fresh veggies that we live off of during the summer months. I want to take time to learn how she cultivates the land and successfully grows her vegetables, so in the future I can have an organic garden as wonderful and delicious as hers.

  • Embrace the outdoors - As I grew older I discovered a profound appreciation for natural beauty. I must admit I am a cozy on the couch netflix and tea type of girl, but this year I am going to push myself physically for outdoor adventure. Hiking, camping, boating, everything! I am going to make it a primary focus to spend the majority of my time outdoors, doing activities that benefit my health.

  • Get back into blogging - If you noticed, I haven't blogged in a very, very, long time. Months. I attribute this absence in part by graduate school and work taking over my life, as well as lots of self doubt. I let opinions of others dictate my happiness, and I allowed the fear of others opinions stop me from doing what I enjoy doing. I had a revelation late last year that its all irrelevant and I don't care what people think about me. Anyone willing to ridicule, criticize or insult another person because that person is doing something enjoyable for them, is deep down an unhappy person themselves. I am obviously not a professional blogger, and I am sure that only I read some of my posts, and they aren't always interesting. But it is my creative outlet and its fun for me, so who actually cares what others think?

  • Devour my bookshelf - No explanation necessary; I plan to lose myself in the worlds of fiction and non-fiction. That is if I can squeeze in the time after reading my graduate level novels that are required...

  • Love and respect my body - I spent entirely too much negative energy bashing my looks in the past year. I think that every girl struggles with this. No matter what I always found myself comparing my body and my looks to others. Sometimes I felt like everyone was skinny and beautiful but me. It took a lot of tough love (thanks bf) and an emotional slap in my face to realize that my feelings were irrational and I was getting absolutely nowhere. This year I am vowing to love myself and my body. To love my pale skin, my unnaturally red hair, my curvy body, and my freckles. From head to toe I am going to stop comparing myself to others. 

  • Find the balance between school, work, and life - I have to say, graduate school is a whole different ball game than undergrad. I think it takes a lot of first semester students a bit of time to realize that. This past semester I managed straight A's, but not without some sacrifice. I was so stressed between my job, my internships, my graduate assistantship, and my school that my physical health took a toll due to the insane amount of stress and pressure I was under. I realize now that I can't possibly do everything and be the best at everything. I am ready to take this semester an create a healthy balance between the elements of my life.  

This year I want to be genuine. I want to be the best version of myself, and never ever again let the opinions of others dictate what I do and how I feel.