Fitness Motivation | My tips To Get Moving!

Fitness Motivation | My tips To Get Moving!

Today I am going to be sharing with you all how I stay motivated and inspired to focus on my fitness and healthy eating. I have always been a couch potato at heart, loving fuzzy socks, tea, and netflix binging. I am also a food enthusiast and never thought about what I ate. Recently I have been going through some lifestyle changes where I am focusing on sweating every day, staying active outdoors, and "eating to live not living to eat". I know how hard it can be to motivate yourself and hold yourself accountable, so I am going to share some of my secrets that keep me going.

- I have a set schedule for my fitness routine -

I find things being easy for myself in all aspects in my life when they are written down in my planner, and sorted into my schedule. I have a very busy life between work, graduate school, social obligations and blogging. I developed a schedule for just my physical activity that I stick with every week. For example, here is my current schedule.

Mon - Yoga

Tues - Cardio

Weds - Yoga

Thurs - Cardio

Fri  - Yoga

Sat - Cardio


Setting aside time between your other obligations to hit the gym and incorporating it into your daily routine will make it much easier to follow through. When its scheduled in my planner to do I treat it as a meeting that I can't miss, or my work that I can't skip, and I drive my bootie to the gym.

- I purchased cookbooks, and downloaded recipe apps -

I have been having a blast so far this year experimenting with cooking. At the thrift store I purchased an all vegetarian cookbook, as well as an all vegan cookbook. There are simple recipes that teach you easy ways too cook delicious and healthy foods that you never would have thought of before. I have turned the excitement of cooking into a hobby and I no longer want to eat out and spend money on unhealthy snacks and fast food. A great app to download for cooking healthy food is the Whole Foods recipe app, and app called Deliciously Ella, where Ella shares with you simple vegan dishes that are healthy and easy to make.

This whole foods app on my iPad is incredible. So many yummy recipes and customized search options for what you're interested in!

- I purchased cute workout gear -

Much as you get excited to go out on the weekends in your hot new outfit, getting new workout gear will get you excited as well. There are so many adorable options these days from neons to florals. The trick to doing this is to NOT BUY INTO THE BRAND NAME HYPE. Ditch the lululemon and nike and opt for what you can find at TJMAXX, MARSHALLS, and BURLINGTON COAT FACTORY. I get so many compliments on my cute pants, tops, and sports bras and I did not break the bank acquiring them.

 - I frequently visit fitness inspiration via blogs, instagrams, and other apps -

 #fitgirlcode is the perfect website to surf when you need that extra motivation to move!

My go to music app for working out is Songza. You can pick from personalized playlists for the activities they you are doing, ex: working out. It's my favorite music app! 

I hope you all enjoyed this post and it has inspired you or given you that motivation that you need!

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