England | Travel Diaries

England | Travel Diaries

Being a historian I have been fascinated with England since I was a little girl. In the fall of 2015 I was able to make my dream visit to there a reality. Here I share with you some of my favorite moments from the trip.

The Air Bnb

The Great Nast Hyde House

We stayed in a little cottage that was a former horse barn on the property of a beautiful estate in Hatfield just outside of London.

This house

 was the hunting home of Queen Elizabeth I  was also rumored to have involvement with Cromwell. The history major and slightly princess part of me FREAKED OUT! 


The Tower, Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Kings Cross Station 

Westminster Abbey - Every British monarch since 1066 has been crowned here. 

Of course I had to pay tribute to HP.

The food halls of Harrods still have my mouth watering!

And now the tower, DUN DUN DUNNNN

If you ever visit the Tower of London I highly recommend going on a beef eater tour. Our guide was fantastic and entertaining, everyone loved him! 

The execution block of Queen Anne Boleyn (and other various unfortunates of Henry VII's rule)


Ancient Roman ruins and a city of picturesque sandstone

Never thought I would look so happy covered in disease carrying pigeons 

Playing dress up at the costume museum. Bath has a world famous Costume Art & Textiles collection and visiting it was a huge reason we took the train to Bath. 

The Ancient  Roman Baths

Hampton Court

The great home of  King Henry VIII

I hope you all found this post as lovely as I did and it sparked that wanderlust in side :)



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