Iceland | Travel Diaries

Iceland | Travel Diaries

This post is so long overdue! In August/September of 2014 we set out on a trip to Iceland and England. Here I share with you some of my favorite moments from our breathtaking trip to Iceland. From experiencing the natural wonders and beauty to hilarious moments in grocery stores and culture shock, it was a trip of a lifetime! I can't wait to go back to Iceland when I up my hiking skills!




We had a day of time to kill before my bf's parents arrived so we explored the city center and sampled many local cuisines. First up, the rumored to be incredible Icelandic hot dog! It had a strange sweet sauce and crispy onions on top, wasn't mind blowing but hey, gotta try out the local eats am I right?

Next up was Cafe Loki just across the street from Hallgrimskirkja. Some tasty traditional Icelandic food was featured on the menu and we gave it a shot. I had rye bread with smoked trout and cottage cheese, it was amazing. Aaron had some form of deli meat on bread and their house stew! 

Roaming the colorful streets of Reykjavik 

No visit to Reykjavik and Iceland is complete with out a selfie with the rumored to be real trolls!

The beautiful and architecturally stunning Hallgrimmskirkja!

Me in front of the Icelandic Opera building. 

The Sun Voyager on the harbor next to Reykjavik 

Found it hilarious that cool ranch was flavored "cool American" in Iceland.... haha!

Where we stayed

In front of our countryside Air bnb on the first day of the trip. The sun was was so bright I was almost blinded by it!

Enjoying my fierce viking beer.

The Natural Wonders

The Blue Lagoon 

Iceland was the most beautiful country I have every visited. If you ever get a chance to travel, you have to make it a priority! Iceland will blow your mind. Thanks for the great memories <3



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