Lovelist | November

November is the month of thanks, am I right? I have SO much to be thankful for. My job, my health, my house, my love, my friends, my family. The list is endless. As I try daily to practice gratitude I have been also attempting to make every little thing in my life significant. I want everything I do, everything I purchase, everything I experience to have a purpose. By practicing gratefulness and mindfulness every day I am finding all the positive things in life and doing what makes me happy.

With this month of reflection and thought I have also had time to fall in love some things that I can't wait to share with you. A bit of beauty, fashion, food, lifestyle, podcasts, books, movies, shows; I've got it all.



  • Body Merry Breakthrough Night Cream - Skincare is a very important part of my life. I am also very conscious about what I am putting on my body, and try to be as organic and natural as possible. I've been using this night cream by Body Merry and I love it. I have a few facial products by them and my skin has never looked better. I wake up in the morning still hydrated and soft, and it feels good to know that the product is unscented and contains natural organic ingredients. 


  • Absolutely Blooming - This is the very first expensive oil based perfume that I have ever had and it was given as a lovely birthday gift from my family. This is a new floral perfume by Dior that is bright and tangy. It isn't too floral as the others and has a hint of crisp berries and peonies (my favorite flower). I can tell a huge difference between expensive perfumes vs body sprays and cheap perfume. It would make a perfect Christmas gift if you are looking for a little splurge, or maybe something to ask for yourself ;)



  • Nutcracker Sweet Tea - A seasonal favorite of mine. Cinnamon, vanilla, black tea. What could be more festive? I usually don't buy celestial seasonings tea but this time of the year I make and exception. Such a yummy flavor! 
  • Veganism - I have been experimenting for about a year with veganism. I have read countless books, watched documentaries, read articles and researched the health benefits it can have. I am making the plunge very soon to be full vegan, no exceptions. I don't want to get into any details as I may be focusing a blog post on this switch over but I encourage you to research what our animal product consumption is doing to our planet, and to our health. 



  • Velvet Heeled Ankle Boots - I fell in love when I saw these public desire booties and I had to have them. I have been really starting to keep my clothing simple but having really funky and fun accessories. Footwear has never been a focus for me, but I am finding myself wanting more quality pieces, more unique pieces, and something fun! These velvet booties are perfect for holiday parties and every time I wear them I get compliments.
  • Embroidered Boot - Again with the fun footwear. These River Island beauties caught my eye and I couldn't be more happy with my decision to purchase them. They have become a closet staple this season. They are just the amount of unique paired with a classic black bootie that goes with everything. - Sold out, but you can get a similar HERE


  • Brocade Clutch Bag - This bag by New Look has the most beautiful pattern. It is definitely a statement piece and I have been loving wearing it out on the weekends. Its a great pop of color and design to a simple and sleek black outfit.


  • Wool Pea Coat w/Faux Fur Hood - I've been loving this wool coat from Abercrombie & Fitch. They have incredible quality outerwear and I got this on a huge sale. I am that person that is always cold and I wanted to make sure I would be nice and toasty this winter. This thing is WARM. I also love how you can tell its great quality. I feel more adult by having a nice winter coat. 
  • Kate Spade Rose Gold Leather Watch - This was a birthday gift and I've been wearing it nonstop since October. It's simplistic, clean and a beautiful rose gold. Its the perfect way to accessorize without a ton of bling and I find myself pairing it with every outfit I wear. 



  • Sapiens A Brief History of Humankind - I read lot, and it doesn't take much for me to find an novel enjoyable. However, rarely do I come across a novel that truly changes my way of thinking. I was drawn to this book originally because of the history aspect but it is so much more than that. Psychology, critical thinking, history, sociology, this book is a very interesting take on humans and our place in the world. Why do we do the things we do? Why have we above all others been successful? The answers might surprise you, and I would go to bet that this book will make you think about the way you are living your life and why.


  • Stuff You Missed In History Class - My favorite podcast for interesting stories and great commentary. This podcast follows two women who love history particularly the untouched parts and unknown stories. Every episode is an interesting historical event and I really love the way that the ladies tell the stories. If you are a history buff I highly recommend. I love this for long drives and ways to pas the time. Its funny, witty, interesting and best of all, educational! 
  • Very British Problems - My latest Netflix binge. This hilarious two series documentary highlights all the strange cultural things that the British do. From awkwardness at Christmas with the family to inconveniences in every day life; various British comedians, writers and actors give their explanations for why the British behave the way that they do. It is hilariously funny and endlessly entertaining. Basically now I feel connected on a spiritual level with the British at this point.  



  • Yoga With Adriene - I am a yoga lover. I've been practicing for several years but don't always make it to a class. Adriene is a youtuber who has an enormous library of videos from every kind of sequence and learning you could imagine. Since I live nearby my work I spend my lunch breaks at home doing a video with her on my mat and it has been the biggest change in my overall daily routine. Adriene is proof that you don't need money or a fancy yoga studio to practice something that you love, and that your body will love you for. 



  • Scotts Cheap Flights - Scott e-mails you when there are incredibly low fares on the market. I am talking $200 round trip international flights low. They are usually error fares, or airline deals but my boyfriend has been loving these little wanderlust reminders via e-mail. You can sigh up for his e-mails HERE. People always ask me how the hell do I travel and its because my flights are always incredible cheap or FREE! Take advantage of a sale and just book a trip! You will be surprised where travel can take you. 
  • Hyatt Travel Credit Card - The other way that me and my boyfriend travel frequently and cheaply is by taking advantage of credit cards No, I don't mean charging things to it (we ALWAYS have a zero balance) we use them to get rewards and points which can be used from anything from free flights to free rental cards. We recently opened up this card because we have our eyes on a hotel in Paris that we could otherwise never afford ($600 per night). With this Hyatt card you get 2 FREE nights in ANY Hyatt hotel if you spend $2,000 in the first 3 months. Between car payments, mortgage, Christmas gifts and groceries between the two of us? EASY. With this card we will be staying two nights in one of the nicest hotels in Paris COMPLETELY FREE just for spending what we would normally spend.

PRO TIP * If you can't pay your credit card balance down to zero, you are buying things you can't afford. This is where credit cards screw you, and make money off you. How about you be like us and make money off of THEM.


I hope you enjoyed this post and found something inspirational. Keep on travleing, loving, LIVING!




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