Lovelist | December & Holiday Favorites

Say goodbye to 2016 and hello to the new year! I can't believe the holiday season is over and its time for new beginnings. I love Christmas and December was a month filled with food, love and family. I managed to find quite a bit of things I had been loving this month and I can't wait to share with you all! 



  • Lavender Oil - Where do I start when raving about the uses of Lavender essential oil? I use it for my baths, my diffuser, I rub on my feet before I sleep and apply to any bruises to help them heal faster. I love lavender essential oil and the scent. It's become a staple in my skincare routine. *Make sure to use therapeutic grade oil :)
  • ImPress Press On Nails - I know what you are thinking! Press on nails!? Cheap and so middle school era right? Wrong! I wasn't convinced until I used these short nails by impress. They come in natural shapes and colors and look flawless. You can't really tell they are fake unless you really pay attention and these are perfect to pop on before an event or the holiday seasons. I put some on for Christmas photos! They are available at most drugstores which make them convenient. 
  • Sally Hansen Gel Nail Polish - I am on a nail kick as you can see. I have to say, I never get my nails done and I am terrible at doing them myself so unfortunately I have bare nails most of the time. I recently started using this gel polish by Sally Hansen and I am never going back. It really stays on for a week without chipping and that is a miracle for me since I am always using my hands (& doing lots of dishes!). I also love that you can get a gel manicure without the lamp.



  • Coconut Bliss Balls - Since being vegan I have been having a blast cooking and baking new dishes and experimenting with substitutes. One of my favorite desserts that I have gotten down are these coconut bliss balls from a vegan cookbook that I have.  These are super easy to make and only have a few ingredients; peanut butter (or almond) vanilla extract, oat flour, coconut shavings & coconut palm sugar. Combine it all and roll into little balls then back for 10 mins at 350. YUM! Toasted coconut and peanut buttery. Delicious.



  • Rebecca Minkoff Purse - Thank you Santa for this beauty. I love the simplicity of it and the color blocking. Also, this was a TJMAXX find which means it was a total steal! I used to be so into over sized bags but in the last year I've really concentrated on good quality, nicely structured, small statement bags. 


  • Oxford Floral Ankle Boots - I'm back with some even fancier booties. I love a good statement piece and these boots are to die for. My mother picked them out for me for Christmas and it shows how well she knows my style. The color, the pattern, the beauty. They are a great accessory piece. 


  • Velvet Wrap Dress - I wore this on NYE and have found more use for it since them. It is so comfortable and the beautiful pastel purple is a favorite color of mine. I love the way it flows and how comfortable the fabric drapes. The tie around the wastes gives it a nice shape and lets be honest, its velvet so I love it. 



  • The Surrender Experiment by Michael A. Singer - I came across this book via recommendation from one of my favorite youtubers Mimi Ikonn and read it in a weekend while on flights to and from Washington D.C. Upon first reading I have to be honest; I wasn't that into it. It talked a lot about a guy who had a perfect life because he meditated and went with the flow. Seems unbelievable to fully let go like that but as I read deeper into the story of Michael's life I really began to understand that he cultivated his own energy and his own luck. He didn't stress about things and accepted it as they are. I tried it out for myself and felt significantly less stress. If you are into self help books and motivational pieces this story is for you. Michael Singer has also written a few other really good inspirational books that are best sellers. 
  • Versailles - I was so hooked on this period drama that came to Netflix that I already finished the first season and anxiously await the second. This show follows King Louis XIV and his building of the famous Palace of Versailles. Dashingly good looking men, sex, drama, action, beautiful scenery and a glimpse inside the French court - I mean what more could you want? I was so surprised by how good this show was and its definitely a Netflix favorite for the month. 



  • FujiFilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera - I received this as a fun gift from my dad for Christmas and I've been having a blast capturing some cute memories with it! Of course this camera is not designed to take all of your photos with (the film can be quite expensive) but its a fun memento to save little moments. I've tested it on all my cats. 



  • Washington, D.C - I recently booked a weekend getaway with the boyfriend to Washington D.C and I felt so at home in the city! Everything was exactly my style. From the cute B&B we stayed at to the endless vegan options, cafes and museums I felt in my element. I already miss it. I could spend my days with coffee and museums so it was such a great trip that was truly a refresher for the new year. We are already talking about when we will be going back . D.C can be a pretty pricy city (minus the dozens of FREE museums!) but with the right flight options and places to stay it was a very affordable weekend. 



With the New Year ahead I found myself not making resolutions. I love a good challenge but continual growth is important to me. I want to continue being a vegan and nurture my body in many ways from yoga to self care and stress relief. I am so excited for this new year ahead and the travels that it will bring. France in May is already booked and I'm thinking Japan in the fall. What are some of your resolutions that are unique? I am continuing to make every day meaningful and keep the positive attitude up during any type of moment be it stressful or joyous. I want to continue learning, growing, loving, laughing and traveling.

Cheers to 2017!