Love List | London, Roses & Louis Vuitton

Love List | London, Roses & Louis Vuitton

Back on the grind this week! Finally fully recovered and a functioning human again. I've taken extra care this week to set intentions every day, and follow through with them. I am my happiest self when I feel productive. I've rounded up a short list of what I have been loving lately. From my latest prime video discovery to a pretty great beauty product; here's your weekly love list.

London: A City In Time This is a documentary that I discovered via amazon prime. If you love history, travel, or all things English you'll find this pretty interesting. The documentary goes in depth to showcase the timeline of the rise of one of the greatest cities in the world. Starting as early as the Roman settlement on the River Thames you are walked through history and its many adaptations that are made to the city. This exciting and complex city creates a very interesting and entertaining documentary. If you have ever traveled to London or its on your list, its a great insight. 

Pandora Woven Bracelet I have to admit, I have never purchased anything from Pandora Jewelry and have never really been that interested. Upon graduating with my Masters Degree my boyfriends grandmother gifted me this absolutely stunning bracelet. I fell in love with the aqua colors and the thoughtful charms. The bird, the globe because she knows I travel, and 

Rosehip & Hibiscus Eye Cream Skincare is a huge part of what I love. I'm not one for makeup, I don't wear it often and would rather improve my skin than hiding it. I only use organic products on my skin for various reasons but this eye cream is my pampering delight. Rose is a lovely smell, its hydrating and free of nasty chemicals and additives that only irritate skin. Perfect. 

Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 Bag This was an extravagant purchase that I would never consider myself buying but this was a gift, and it was a generous and lovely one at that. My mother got me this beautiful bag as a graduation present for earning my Masters Degree a few months ago. I haven't been able to put it down. There is something so adult feeling and put together about having a nice quality bag. I am sure to put this to use for several years (maybe even decades) to come. Thanks, mom! 

The weekend is finally here and I've got some great things planned with friends in town visiting. I look forward to sharing with you guys next week!

Cheers to the weekend!