In Flight Essentials | Carry On Bag

In Flight Essentials | Carry On Bag

I remember the very first time that I flew on a plane. I was with my mom going to a national cheerleading competition as a little girl and I cried the entire trek through security and boarding because I thought we were doomed to fall from the sky. There is a fantastic photo of my mother and I standing in front of the gate together with me red in the face clutching a small bear for dear life.

Now I have to laugh because there is no place I'd rather be than in the sky. Airport travel can be frustrating but you have to think just about how amazing it is! You are experiencing something many cannot, participating in an engineering masterpiece, and you are going to a new and exciting place! So worth it. Whether you are on a long haul international flight across the ocean or a quick hop to another U.S city these are my essentials for when I fly. I won't cal myself a pro, but I have boarded more planes than I can count and have had quite a few 10+ hour flights across the globe.

For Domestic & International 

Reusable Water Bottle: I don't go anywhere without water. Water is a key factor in overall health and beauty. When I travel I bring an empty one (TSA won't allow you to bring fluids through security) and fill it up when I get to the gate. You can fill up your bottle at water fountains within the terminals, and I mean,  I have even used a bathroom sink. Also, some of the newest remodeled airports have these fancy water bottle fill up stations and they are awesome! Water is ridiculously expensive in airports and those tiny free ones on the plane are gone so quick you'll thank yourself for taking matters into your own hands.

Snacks: You can carry food through security. I find airports to not have that many healthy food options and again, everything is overpriced. For shorter flights I bring snacks, my go to is a Larabar (vegan)  and some fruit. I also love to bring sandwiches or other healthy snacks for long haul flights. Airlines are getting more stingy and I have been on flights where nothing is offered, not even peanuts! So its best to be a survivor and bring your own snacks, am I right?

Headphones: I like to bring these because they are super cute, comfy, and block out all noise on the plane. Within them on I can listen to music, or just drown out the engine so I can get even more into my book. If you're ever trapped in an airport with a long layover headphones combined with music or Netflix will be a boredom saver.

IPad: When I finally invested in an ipad mini I was so happy with my decision. As a lover of traditional books this is my go to when traveling because its a space saver. I take this on all my trips and it doubles as a laptop, music player, book, tv. I can type up blog posts, I can read on my kindle app, I can check e-mail and surf the internet when wifi is available. 

GoPro: Word of advice, bring all of your expensive electronics that you don't want to lose in your in flight bag. I don't care if I lose all my clothes or other things if my suitcase vanishes but I will be very depressed if my memories are lost. Plus, its great for on the spot vlogging!

Chargers: Again with keeping your nearest dearest. I take my phone/ipad/camera charger with me so I'm never with a dead battery.

Passport/Wallet : This is a given, I keep everything in the front pocket of my bag so its easily accessible through security and checkin. I love collecting stamps on my passport, and pretty soon most states will require a passport for domestic travel so you better apply for one now! 

Roller Ball Perfume: The air on a plane is absolutely disgusting. For a burst of something that isn't stale I love to bring this Blood Orange perfume roller by Pacifica. It instantly makes me feel like I smell fresh and vibrant.

Cozy Scarf: It's notoriously freezing on planes. I love to bring a huge scarf that I can use as a blanket, roll in a ball for a pillow, or just simple wear like a normal person. Its my top accessory for travel. 

Hydrating Face Cream & Lip Balm: I've mentioned it before but this Rose facial cream is a lifesaver. I like to use it during flights when I need a break and want to freshen up. The air quality on a plane is terrible so its important to do this (along with lots of water) to keep the face hydrated. With the dry air also comes dry chapped lips and this balm is my go to favorite. It's got a tint of color so I don't look like zombie and its my favorite scent, rose! 

I like to keep it very simple when traveling. No need for a luxurious face mask on the flight or an extra set of clothes. Things just hold you back, when traveling is all about experiencing freedom! 

What are some things you can't live without when you're flying?

Cheers to exploration! 


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