Love List | Reclaimed Vintage, Darling Magazine & Departures

Love List | Reclaimed Vintage, Darling Magazine & Departures

Another week has passed and I am so very thankful for the weekend. It's been a busy one filled with home improvement projects and work woes. I've been looking forward to chilly weather and cozy cuddles but we aren't quite there yet. My house was built in 1866 which means the bottom floor is cool and the top is extremely hot. I've slept in the living room for the past three weeks because sleep is so very precious to me. This Kentucky heat is relentless this summer! Lets celebrate the upcoming weekend with a brand new love list <3 

Reclaimed Vintage: I have fallen in love with a clothing brand found via ASOS. Not only is their style right up my alley with ruffles and room for food babies, the collection is environmentally sustainable too! Reclaimed Vintage is a limited edition collection on ASOS made from vintage textiles and up cycled vintage clothing. They are made locally where they are sold in East London and the designers inspire the collection from visiting markets and textile warehouses. This top is so flowy and cute, I haven't stop wearing it. 

Darling Magazine: I have never in my life subscribed to a magazine and I rarely purchased them at the store unless in a pinch of boredom at the airport. My reason being they are all full of junk. Advertisements, degrading bedroom tips and unattainable standards of beauty due to over photoshopping. When I discovered Darling Magazine my opinion on them changed. They can be good. They can be insightful, inspiring, intelligent, ad-free and photoshop free. Darling Magazine prides itself on reader supported printing and no retouching of any kind. Each issue features thought provoking and inspiring articles covering everything from fashion, travel, self love, arts & culture. It's a quarterly magazine so you have time to really read it through and sink in. As an added bonus they are beautiful works of art that look great on the coffee table! 

Juicing: I have always been a fan of the raw vegetable, and I'm very passionate about juicing. I used to work at an organic cold pressed juicery and vegan kitchen and it taught me everything I needed to know about the nutritional benefits of a great cold pressed juice. However, fresh juice is expensive! I recently purchased this juicer and have been loving it lately. I keep a glass bottle and like to make myself something the night before or in the morning to take to work with me. Buying your own produce and making your own juice is insanely less expensive than purchasing it already bottled and you get create your own ingredients! Some of my favorites include:

  • Green Juice #1 - Parsley, Cilantro, Ginger, Kale, Cucumber, Lemon (SUPER GREEN!)
  • Green Juice #2- Apple, lemon, ginger, kale, celery, parsley (a little sweeter)
  • Orange Juice - Orange, carrot, ginger, lemon, turmeric (anti-inflammatory!)

Rose Petal Toner: I love this stuff. Not only does it smell beautifully of roses but its made some pretty remarkable changes in my skin. Its light, non irritating made from natural witch hazel and helps prevent acne while deep cleaning & tightening the pores. Plus it contains organic aloe vera and is super refreshing to sweep over the face with a cotton pad on these hot and sweaty summer days after the sun. I can't rave about this stuff enough. 

Departures: This is fantastic travel documentary with two seasons Netflix. The series follows two young guys Scott and Justin as they depart on a year long journey traveling the world. They make stops at some well known areas but most of their travels are off the beaten path, in remote and far of places of the world. You will laugh, cry, be so entertained and crave all the wanderlust. From hiking in Nepal to partying on the streets of Tokyo these guys have you covered. 

What have you guys been loving this week?

Cheers to the weekend!


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