Love List | Ruffles, Blood Oranges & The Geography of Bliss

Love List | Ruffles, Blood Oranges & The Geography of Bliss

This has been an exciting week for me! I have some career related projects in the works that I am hoping to turn out great, the weather has been enjoyable, projects around the house have been completed and I've been spending such wonderful times with friends & family. I've got some skincare & beauty incorporated into this week's post, as well as one of the best books (I think I can confidently say this) that I have read in a while. Enjoy this Friday's love list! 

Cold Shoulder Ruffle Top: I had been eyeing this particular type of top for a while. It's unique, its a pastel, and it has ruffles: so basically it speaks to me. I found this on ASOS and had to order. It's selling out quickly, this top is similar if you find it out of stock in your size. It's definitely conversational piece, for example my guy friend kept saying at a party one night "I don't understand your shirt, how did you get into it?" HA!

Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange: I have a serious blood orange addiction. I first had one in Italy when I was sick with the flu and in need of some vitamin C. I had never tasted a citrus fruit so vibrant and delicious. It sprung up again last January when I visited a citrus orchard in southern California and got to pick my own blood oranges. It now reoccurs in the form of a body lotion and perfume. Pacifica is one of my favorite vegan and cruelty brands and their scents are amazing. Quite pricey though, so this lotion and roller ball were my splurge last summer that I didn't' use up and have continued to love this summer as well. 

Overalls: Easy, cute, classic. What more can you want? I love wearing these short overalls form Abercrombie in the summer, and I've got a pair of denim long pants that I rock in the fall and winter. 

NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint: I a credit my flawless looking skin to this magical product. I am lucky to have very clear skin free of acne, but that doesn't mean I don't love a good full coverage foundation. The soft texture of this product and its high coverage means in one quick sweep your dark circles and imperfections are gone! I should mention that I only buy expensive foundation, its the only product that I have found difficult to nail drugstore wise. When I made an investment in this I was so happy to find something effortless. Also it has an SPF of 30!

The Geography of Bliss: I am a reader. I always have been, always will be. I love getting lost in a great book and this is exactly what happened when I picked up The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner. This novel follows former NPR correspondent Eric Weiner across the world in search of what makes each country happy. He sites many statistics and researchers to back up several theories explored. Eric visits the countries ranked happiest, and the ones lower on the list. It is such an interesting and entertaining read and Eric is hilarious in his writing. If you're feeling like the world is a miserable place I suggest diving into this book and seeing what truly makes different people happy. This book is one of the best I have ever read. 

What are some things you guys have been loving lately? Love lists are so easy for me because I find it simple to find little joys in life.


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