Love List | Lace, Plant Based & Bifocals

Love List | Lace, Plant Based & Bifocals

Helllllooooo! Sorry I missed last weeks love list. Truthfully I wasn't feeling anything particular and I want my posts to have substance, not just thrown together for the sake of schedule. This week has truly been wonderful. Life has finally slowed down a bit enough for me to get back into my regular fitness & yoga routine, the air is feeling crisper, and I'm taking time to reflect on gratitude as life throws me ups & downs. I've got some good reads, some fashion favs and a few more tidbits. Here is your lovelist: 

ASOS lace blouse- When I was doing my weekly peruse of ASOS's new in collection I came across this top and knew I had to have it. Its flowy, its light, its pastel, and its girly. It encompasses all that I look for in an effortlessly cute blouse. I love the lace detailing and the quality was great for the price. ASOS wins again at being the most affordable quality fashion forward pieces. 

The China Study: As if I wasn't convinced already that a plant based diet was the key to a long an healthy life this book solidified that belief. The China study is the most comprehensive experiment ever done in regards to the health benefits of a plant based diet. Once you read this, witness the facts, and see the research presented before you you'll think very differently about what you eat. I'm not saying that this book will convert you to a vegan, but if you're interested and looking for a scientific path to believing in it than you should check this book out. Regardless of weather you support it or not, its a fascinating study and if you have an interest in dietetics or food science like I do.

Coconut Oil Coffee: Coconut oil is proven to be a great substance to be putting into your body. Antibacterial, helps with digestion, cholesterol reduction, improves hair, skin & heart function. The list is endless. I love coconut oil. I have a giant tub of it that I use for cooking, a moisturizer, and overnight hair mask. I have recently began stirring a teaspoon into my morning coffee as a way to get my daily dose. It's so Delicious. I am addicted. You must try! If you have the time, you can blend the coconut oil with your coffee to make a frothy foam on top similar to a cappuccino. My mornings used to not be complete without my java but now I am adding some coconut into the mix too! 

Rocking fake glasses: Don't hate me, but I really enjoy wearing my fake glasses. I have 20/20 vision, and that's a great thing! I also really love to accessorize with glasses. Sunglasses are temporary, but I can rock my specs all day long at the office if I want. It's kind of like putting on a mask and assuming another identity, its fun! I also love that they cover up my dark circles or lack of makeup on those exceptionally sleepy days. I have been loving these super round ones from forever 21, I found some similar here

Thats all for this week. What are some things you have been loving lately? Happy Labor Day! Cheers to the weekend, be safe.


xx Summer

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