Winter Skincare | Hydrated & Healthy

It always kind of seems like everyone goes into serious hydration mode when winter hits, doesn't it? For good reason. Dry, sun deprived skin can become dull and dreary. I've been pretty blessed with good skin. I credit it to drinking lots of water and some pretty great products.


Morning Skin Care Steps:


  1. Vitamin C Serum - I use this organic vitamin C, E & hyaluronic acid serum by Radha Beauty 
  2. Vitamin C Eye Cream - I use this revitalizing eye cream by Avalon Organics
  3. Face Lotion - I have been using this First Aid Beauty ultra repair lotion for ages. 

My morning skincare routine is pretty simple. I have taken my makeup off the night before so I usually just sweep a cotton pad full of toner across my face before applying any products. I am always in a crazy rush so this all takes on a few minutes! 

Evening Skin Care Steps:

  1. Face Wash - I use this gentle wash by Burts Bees. I love the scent & its refreshing sensation. 
  2. Facial Scrub (I only do this a few times a week) this Accure Organics facial scrub is something I have repurchased and have been using for almost a year now. 
  3. Hydrating Serum- Ever since I have started using a hyaluronic acid serum by Body Merry and my skin has seen some serious improvement. IT look so hydrated & healthy I feel as if I can't life without this stuff anymore. 
  4. Eye Cream - I love this hydrating rose eye cream by Lila Anna Naturals. It's organic & has a very light rose smell. Super hydrating and helps with dark circles. 
  5. Facial Cream - I use a much richer facial cream at night and I have been loving this night cream by Body Merry. Another incredible product by them that has improved the look and feel of my skin. 
  6. Overnight Facial Mask - (I also only do this  few nights a week) I am an avid user of this moisturizing overnight ask my origins. It's incredibly moisturizing to the point where in the morning my face still feels plump and hydrated. 

As you can seem my night skincare routine is a little bit more complex and dilligent than the mornings. There is nothing I love more than a nice before bed skincare pamper session


Some great masks that I use 1 or 2 times a week are

  • Tony Moly Sheet Masks - You can get a huge variety pack on amazon for much cheaper than at ulta and other stores. They aren't incredibly pricey or life changing but they do the job :)
  • Coconut Oil Face Mask - Slathering coconut oil on my face and hair is a favorite pastime of mine. 

Water, water, WATER! Drink water my friends. Your skin will thank you.


Here is an uncomfortably close photo of my makeupless face (excluding lashes & brows). 


What are some of your skin saving tips for winter? Skincare is a very important aspect of my overall health/beauty. Now maybe one day I will have just as much dedication to my hair care, ha!