Airport Travel | My Style

I'll always keep it comfy on an airplane, but I always like to look my best. For our longhaul flight across the pond I opted for my favorite warm & cozy sweater, my black stretch skinnies & a leather jacket to throw the look together. I always wear my largest shoes on the flight since it saves room in my suitcase. I opted for my trusty combat boots. I have always loved combat boots and have worn them for years and years. These are my favorite since they are faux leather an have rose gold details on the hardware. 

Sweater: TJMaxx, its a basic grey two toned turtle neck. Super chunky & soft.

Faux Leather Jacket: Areopostale ( I was shocked too! HA!)

Black Distressed Skinny Jeans: Abercrombie, they were basic black skinnies that I DIY'd & cut up. In this photo I have leggings on underneath since it was freezing out! 

Combat Boots: A total steal from Burlington Coat Factory

Purse: A basic black crossbody from forever21 (I NEVER travel with expensive bags, thats like asking to be pick-pocked or stolen from)


What's your go to airport style?